December 31, 2022

Elevate Journey with Magic Travels' New Customer App

We are pleased to announce that Magic Travels' new Magic Customer Application is now available in the UAE and other destinations. This solution offers users numerous advantages.

They gain access to their itinerary and booked services, allowing seamless travel experiences. Additionally, they have the capability to download or scan their ticket QR codes at site entrances. They can also check their pickup timings and have the opportunity to connect with Destination Specialists via WhatsApp throughout their journey.

Magic Travels' New Magic Customer Application

We also provide app personalisation for our partners, allowing them to enhance their brand visibility by displaying their company logo and making their contact information readily available to clients.

With the application, tourists can view their trip duration, and daily itinerary. They can also access booked services and hotel information, including images and descriptions. Each day, our Magic Arabia team shares a Daily Summary that outlines planned activities and included services, facilitating travellers' access to their daily plans.

Magic Travels' New Magic Customer Application

Travellers can also review and download their tickets by clicking on the service name in the. If our guests require any assistance or suggestions during their trip, they can use the app to contact our Destination Specialists.

The Magic Customer Application offers a variety of benefits to tourists, ensuring their journey is smoother and simpler

Scan the QR Code and access the Travel APP

Scan the QR Code and access the Travel APP

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