March 26, 2024

Magic Travels DMC Awarded 'Best Content Provider' at Idolons 2024 during the Essence of Luxury Travel Show by SERANDIPIANS

Magic Travels has recently left its mark on the luxury travel industry.


Amongst a prestigious gathering of over 1000 participants, including esteemed Serandipians Member Travel Designers and Partner Suppliers, Magic Travels had the distinct honour of being recognised as the “Best Content Provider” at Idolons 2024, held during the Essence Marbella event.


Led by our General Manager, Lucie Delfosse, Magic Travels achieved the prestigious First Gold and First levels in the 2024 Certification.

The Essence Marbella event

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each member of the Magic Team whose hard work and dedication have brought us this esteemed recognition and we express our sincere gratitude to all who voted for us.


We look forward to continuing our journey of creating magical moments and unforgettable memories for our discerning travelers.

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